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About us
Private company “Exclusive lingerie” was founded in 1988 with the headquarters in Banja Luka. A line of complex business and other factors led our professional team to an idea of directing our development in the course of production of female lingerie. That, along with production of female bathing suits, became our core activity, which remained until the present day. All stages of our planning and business are carried out in our own contemporary business facility with complete infrastructure.
The facility is located immediately by the road with the exit to motorway Banja Luka – Gradiska. The company currently employs 60 employees, mostly female workforce.
In the beginning of 2008 in Belgrade we formed a company branch with the core activity in distribution of our production assortment on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. We are one of the rare companies on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina that can be commended on continuous tracking of technological and fashion trends, production development, increasement of the number of employees, and meeting the expectations of buyers of our products. Good and clearly defined business policy and its consistent realization have contributed to longterm subsistence of our company on the market.
Such a policy became one of the basic reasons for our further qualitative development in all directions. We organize production on three production lines, Cotton line, Micro line and Swimwear line.
Since 2002 we own certificates ISO 9001:2008 issued by SGS – Zurich. This is one proof more of our readiness and determination to set off for the needs of contemporary and modern woman. All employees in our company are directed towards success.
With good motivation production results are better, hence the feeling of pleasure as well, which is in the same time an encouragement for further proving in all product and management processes.
In the company we work on creation of recognizable identity, as well as achieving the feeling of affiliation to a working family. In it we all help each other and strive to collective and personal success.
Exclusive lingerie is a company that tends to recognize and satisfy the needs of a modern woman through development and specialization of contemporary process of production of female lingerie and bathing suits, thus enabling her to feel comfortable, desirable and safe. We are of an opinion that satisfied clients are our only true and valid measure of success on the market. For that reason we constantly communicate with that market, listening to remarks, needs, trends adn all other market courses, in order to always be a step closer to achieving our goals.
We want to bring our company to the very top of successful domestic companies from the area we practice, and with our offer quality we want to occupy one of the leading positions in the region. Continuous development in all fields, investments in modern informational technologies and new materials, along with optimal application of scientific and technological discoveries, give us the right to believe in accomplishment of the set tasks. In active creation of the future of one contemporary company such as ours, company management together with its employees has taken an initiative of the creator of better future for textil industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Aware of the requirements of contemporary market and the features of successful world companies, with special attention we model our ideas that shall bring our company to the position of a regional leader in the domain of production of female lingerie and bathing suits.
The most important aims of our company are defined through the strategy of company development:
  1. Continuous and dynamic work of professional company team on specialization and improvement of quality management system, according to the series of standards ISO 9001:2008
  2. Continuous care of high qualilty, competition of prices and deadlines of delivery of our products
  3. Presentation of complete production program to general public (buyers, suppliers, employees, social community...)
  4. Creation of support and confidence with buyers of our products
  5. Maintenance and improvement of high – quality working relations among employees
  6. Increasement of living standard of employees, along with establishment of safe directions of company growth and development.

Put Srpskih branilaca 186
78000 Banja Luka, BiH

T. +387 51 385 500
F. +387 51 385 400